Redefining Workplace Primary Care

Improving Employee Health and Well-Being.

At Walk On Clinic, we’re committed to changing the way healthcare is delivered at work. We believe in the importance of keeping patients and the providers they love connected both in person and online and we continuously work to make sure those relationships stay strong.

Why Walk On Clinic?

Elevating Onsite Primary Care Your Top Choice for Workplace Healthcare

Walk On Clinic prioritizes convenient, patient-centered care that saves money for both employers and employees. We focus on well-being, tailor our solutions, and have a track record of excellence.

Onsite Healthcare Centers.

Our modern healthcare centers bring cutting-edge primary care to your workplace.

Hybrid Health Clinics.

We place healthcare centers close to where your employees live, work, and shop, making access easy.

Virtual Primary Care.

Complete 24/7 virtual advance primary care, accessible anywhere for your employees.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make healthcare convenient and accessible for employees. We emphasize patient-provider relationships, preventive care, and improved health.

Our Vision:

We envision a future where quality care is just a click away, and with that one click patients are connected to medical staff they know and have met in person at Walk On Clinic.