How value added services can help retain and BOR health insurance accounts.

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Retaining clients can be a difficult task for insurance brokers and agents. How you help your clients control their supply side costs of healthcare and aid them in reducing future medical claims is a major factor in their decisions to work with you or someone else. Agencies and agents that can differentiate themselves have the best chance of retaining and writing new business. Walk On Clinic can help you do exactly that!

Work with us to:

  • provide more valuable agency services such as wellness programs
  • be a part of the supply the healthcare supply chain solution, don’t just sell a product
  • help clients control some of the supply side costs of health plans while increasing preventative wellness participation among employees
  • add value to what you are selling
  • improve your client relationships during the bid process
  • offer better resources to win the bid
  • show clients that you care and you are doing everything you can to help them keep their renewals under control.

If you are looking for a way to show your insureds and prospects how committed you are to helping their group be healthy, reduce catastrophic claims, and drive down their overall cost of Health Insurance share this LINK and and video with them! CONTACT US NOW!

Thank you for all you do in going the extra mile for your clients, we look forward to working with you…call us or email with any questions.

Send this separate web page with a different video specifically made for your clients and prospects, and get your first wellness program with us scheduled. We can promise when you work with us once, it will be the beginning of a very long relationship and your book of business will continue to grow.