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Walk on Clinic is a logistics, landlord and marketing company that connects primary care doctors to employer groups on site for various services. We have an unrelenting passion to improve convenient access to care for those who are so busy working they do not have a primary care relationship anymore.  By providing convenient medical services for individuals at their workplace we have found companies major savings based on their claims data. We also help employees see the most affordable ways to utilize their employer provided insurance plan, by letting our contracted medical staff educate plan members in a one on one fashion. We typically introduce our services to companies through a service they are already paying for by providing the no-copay annual wellness visit On-Site. The big wins however for companies come when a self funded employer contracts our clinics as a permanent monthly, weekly, mobile onsite solution!

Everyone benefits when we combine easy access to primary care doctors during the working day.  Insurance carriers, insurance brokers, medical practices, and our employer partners can take advantage of our scalable and customizable solutions.  Together we can start  helping our nation utilize primary care again instead of urgent care clinics and hospitals that are typically a much higher cost. We can work as an extender to local in network brick and mortar facilities, or be a partner to other on-site near site, or Direct Primary care practices looking to extend their reach.

Please join us in our mission and become a Walk On Clinic advocate by working with us or by simply spreading the word. Contact us today to learn more about how your organization can benefit from our services.

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Walk On Clinic, Inc. was founded by Christopher Yarn & Christopher Luczywo. The company incorporated in 2017 and was previously doing business as sister company, First 2 Aid, LLC founded in 2012. As our company services grew, owners, partners and investors felt there was the need to clearly define and re-brand one of its core services in mobile healthcare from First 2 Aid to Walk On Clinic. Walk On Clinic solves several problems directly related to primary care utilization in the United States. Our solutions benefit the Patients, Employees, Employers, Doctors, Insurance Brokers, and Health Insurance carriers all through a more efficient delivery system.

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